• PFR3 phase control module for assessing the correct phase sequence of three-phase loads.
  •  Effectively prevents destruction or damage caused by wrong motor rotation direction.
  • The PF3 module is used to assess direction of rotation and phase failure. It features a changeover, whose normally open contact closes if the phase sequence rotates clockwise.
  • The PF3 module is directly supplied from the three phases.

If the correct phase sequence in installations and circuits is the prime consideration, the PF3 module prevents malfunctions. This may be especially important when the commissioning of a plant with motors may lead to severe failures or even to the destruction of facilities, in case of wrong direction of rotation.

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  • General data

    The PF3 module is connected in parallel with the load and assesses the rotation direction of the phases. If the phase sequence is clockwise (L1-L2-L3), the relay trips and the normally open contact (terminals C and D) closes.
    If another phasing is present, the relay does not trip. For a function to operate, all three phases must be simultaneously activated.

    The BONTRONIC module simultaneously acts as a phase failure check. If necessary, the reaction to reverse power via the load should be field-tested. The PF3 module is suitably installed in front of the motor protection contacts and trips the control voltage of the contactor coils if there is a clockwise phase sequence via the normally open contact.

    Case colour green  
    Type PFR3
    Order number 909511
    Input phase (3 phases) 400 V  50-60 Hz    –  +-10%
    Current consumption 4mA max. per phase
    Power consumption 4VA max.
    Phase sequence L1 – L2 – L3
    Contact arrangement 1 changeover
    Switching voltage 250V AC
    Continuous current 6A
    Inrush current 15A
    Switching power AC max. 1500 VA (ohmic load) AC1
    Switching power DC max. 250 W (ohmic power)  – AC15
    Coil/contact isolation voltage 4 kV rms
    AC/DC mechanical service life 20×106
    AC1 electrical service life 3×10³
    Service temperature 0°C bis +40°C
    Storage temperature  – 20°C bis +80°C
    Degree of protection IP 20
    Screwed connection AWG 12
    Dimensions 60 x 58 x 18 mm


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