Only one contact point; two benefits.


Only one contact point; two benefits.


We design and manufacture on behalf of industrial customers electrical and electronic equipment dedicated to being integrated into machines or equipment goods.

This equipment is growing in particular in the energy production, automotive and industrial sectors.

Our strength: knowing the business of our customers (requirements, operating environment, expected levels of performance, standards and certifications, etc.)

We work closely together to help them specify their functional requirements from a technical specification or a concept. It involves accompanying them throughout the development of the drafting of the specifications up to the production series, going through the hardware design, the software programming, the phases of qualifications and certifications.

Convinced that the cost price of a product is mastered from the design stage, we commit ourselves to our customers from the quote on a serial price of the product right before having carried out the analysis and the design.

We are primarily manufacturers, this is why we make our engineers from the Office of Studies available to our customers and offer our services at very attractive prices compared to traditional offices of studies that only support developments.

We guarantee the exclusivity of the design because we act as Original Electronics Manufacturer (ODM), and develop for our customers 100% custom products.

We are economically and technically guarantors of the products, because our sole purpose is to make their product a commercial success.

We also take care of the EMC, climatic, vibration tests as well as the UL, CSA, ATEX certifications etc.

The advantages of our business model “ODM Package” are multiple:

  • Cost control of the product
  • 100% ownership of the client’s study (the design file is given at the end of the study)
  • Consideration of production constraints from the design stage
  • Mastering technical developments throughout the life of the product
  • Commitment to the sustainability of your function
  • Analysis of the life cycle of each component to avoid obsolescence.

Details about our services


Details about our services


Les ingénieurs de la société Bontronic s'occupent de vos études

We take over the project as soon as our customers demonstrate a functional need.

Our products are developed in particular within the framework of the structuring method called “V-Cycle” in order to guarantee all stages of a design and its validation milestones.

  • Writing of hardware and software specifications
  • Components selection
  • Identification of the best sources of supply (deadline, quality, price, technical support)
  • Realization of diagrams and nomenclatures
  • Economic validation of the project
  • Layout of pcbs – Mechanical validation and bulk
  • Coding and programming in different languages ​​(C / C ++ / VHDL / VISUAL BASIC / LINUX)
  • Prototype, Initial Samples
  • Test, qualification in particular EMC, Climatic, vibratory
  • UL / CE / CSA / ATEX certifications
  • Delivery of the design file

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Bontronic se charge de la fabrication de vos composant électronique

Electrical and electronic subcontracting

Once the product is already designed, we take care of the electronic series production and the integration of full products.

Our offer regarding electronic manufacturing includes:

  • Industrialization
  • Obsolescence monitoring of components
  • Global purchasing and procurement of equipment
  • ROHS or lead manufacturing of prototypes, EIs, serial parts
  • Coating
  • Resin
  • Integration
  • Final test
  • Logistics
  • Customer service

Our industrial tool is equipped with several CMS lines, welding wave, INSITU tester, AOI, screen printing.

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