PFW3 Phase rotation relay

  • Phase control unit PFW3 for analysis of correct phase rotation

  • Destructions or damages caused by false direction or rotation are prevented effectively.        

  • The PFW3 unit evaluates correct phase rotation and phase loss. The unit consists of a changer whose contact closes at clockwise phase-rotation.                   

  • The PFW3 unit is powered directly out of three phases.          

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    If there is a need for correct phase rotation in installations and circuitry the PF3 eliminates malfunctions. This is extremely important when activating motor equipment. False phase rotation could cause serious damages or even destruction of the equipment.


    The PFW3 unit is connected  parallel to the electric consumer and evaluates phase rotation. When using clockwise phase rotation (L1-L2-L3) the relay operates and closes contacts (terminal C and D). If there is a wrong phase rotation the relay will not switch. To assure precise functionality engage all phases simultaniously. The BONTRONIC control unit is used also as phase los monitor. The energetic recovery reaction has to be proved in a field test. It is advisable to install the PFW3 unit before the electrical contacts of the monitor protection. During clockwise phase rotation the unit operates and switches the working contact of the electric contactor coil.

    Case colour orange  
    Typ PFW3
    Best.-Nr. 909210.2
    Input voltage (3 phases) 100 V to 400 V  50-60 Hz
    Current demand 4mA max. per Phase
    Power consumption 4VA max.
    Phase rotation L1 – L2 – L3
    Contact loadings 1 changer
    Switching voltage 250V AC
    Constant current 6A
    Starting current 15A
    Switching power AC max. 1200 VA (Resistive load)
    Switching power DC max. 120 W (Resistive load)   
    Isolation voltage coil / contact 4 kV eff.
    Operating temperature 0°C to +40°C
    Storage temperature  – 20°C to +80°C
    Degree of protection IP 20
    Wire alignment AWG 12
    Dimensions 60 x 58 x 18 mm


    Price from 10 to 25 pcs 52€*
    Price from 26 to 50 pcs 42€*
    > 50 Quote request


    * no packaging and ex works, EXW Troisdorf


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