Machine manufacturer

The race for the digital industry revolution boosts the needs of our customers.

You have to deal with the multiplicity of networked devices on your production lines and ensure the perfect communication between them internally, but also be able to be linked to your suppliers and your customers in real time. So Bontronic is definitely your partner to provide the necessary support to your achievements.

Our expertise:

Our R&D teams offer their know-how in terms of hardware and software design in the field of drive control, motor control and automation.

  • Machinery manufacturer
  • Control and safety electronics
  • Catering professions

    Plastic injection machine

    bontronic industrie

    Example of one of our achievements in the plastics industry:

    • Control box
    • 24DC
    • Analog inputs
    • Digital inputs
    • Etherne


    “Low cost” management unit for textile winder

    bontronic industrie

    • Universal power supply 87 to 270V 50/60 HZ
    • Vector control for 200W three-phase asynchronous motor
    • Continuous traction winding speed control via integrated non-contact sensor.
    • Connection option for external 4/20 mA sensor
    • Option I / O card + 24V power supply for external devices
    • TCPIP or RS485 connection to a supervisory terminal
    • Housing made of aluminum profile custo

    bontronic industrie

    Example of one of our achievements in the field of industrial lifting

    Driving electronics

    • 400V- 30 VA

    bontronic industrie

    Example of one of our achievements in the Bakery Equipment: 

    • Process card + input / output modules + 100% Custom Human Machine Interface
    • Android, cloud Ready
    • Complete hard and soft development achieved by our teams

    On behalf of industrial customers

    Design & Manufacturing

    We design and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment dedicated to being integrated into machines

    Assembly of electronic function blocks


    Join existing function blocks in our portfolio of technologies and to customize a part of it