The GTR module converts a 0-10V output signal from the PT100 0-100 signal. Using an adjustable potentiometer, the switching point for the relay can be set.

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  • Case colour green  
    Type  GTR
    BR1 902070
    Supply voltage 1 alternate 24V DC ±10%
    Power consumption 50mA max.DC
    Function indication 1 Led
    Sensor  PT100   –   0-100°C
    Line compensation ±10R
    Contact arrangement 1 changeovrr
    Max switching voltage 250V AC
    Continuous current 2 A
    Inrush current 4 A
    Switching power AC max. 250VA
    Switching power DC max. 250W
    Coil/contact isolation voltage 4kV
    Service temperature 0-50°C
    Storage temperature 0-70°C
    Degree of protection IP20
    Screwed connection AWG12
    Dimensions 75 x 107 x 22,5 mm


    Monitoring / Supply