Brake supply BT2 is used to supply motor brakes. The built-in autotransformer has 2 output voltages which can be selected by a jumper. A bridge rectifier with series-connected capacitor, varistor and resistor provides the brake with DC voltage.

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  • Type  BT2
    BR1 910555.3
    Voltage 230V / 50-60Hz
    Power consumption  160VA max.
    Output 1  216V / 0,5A DC      VV (1mA) 500V
    Output 2 290V / 0,5A DC
    Protection by varistor  S20K250        VV (1mA) 500V
    Resistor in parallel with  100k / 6W
    Capacitor 470µF / 450V     – 105°C
    Bridge rectifier KBU4M   – 1000V / 4A
    Service temperature  0°C bis +55°C
    Storage temperature  – 40°C bis +80°C
    Important: After storage at temperatures between -25°C and -40°C, entry into service is recommended after a time period of 24h.
    Degree of protection  IP 20
    Screwed connection  AWG 12
    Dimensions  145 x 62 x 70 mm
    Max. installation height  2.500m


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