• PFW2- 2 480 phase control module for assessment of the correct phase sequence of three-phase loads.
  • Effectively prevents destruction or damage caused by wrong motor rotation direction.
  • The PFW2- 2 480 module is used to assess direction of rotation and phase failure. It features a changeover, whose normally open contact closes if the phase sequence rotates clockwise.
  • The PFW2- 2 480 module is directly supplied from the three phases.
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    If the correct phase sequence in installations and circuits is the prime consideration, the PFW2- 2 480 module prevents malfunctions.

    This may be especially important when the commissioning of a plant with motors may lead to severe failures or even to the destruction of facilities, in case of wrong direction of rotation.


    The PFW2- 2 480 module is connected in parallel with the load and assesses the rotation direction of the phases. If the phase sequence is clockwise (L1-L2-L3), the relay trips and the normally open contact (terminals C and D) closes. If another phasing is present, the relay does not trip. For a function to operate, all three phases must be simultaneously activated.
    The BONTRONIC module simultaneously acts as a phase failure check. If necessary, the reaction to reverse power via the load should be field-tested. The PFW2- 2 480 module is suitably installed in front of the motor protection contacts and trips the control voltage of the contactor coils if there is a clockwise phase sequence via the normally open contact.

    Case colour: grey  
    Type PFW2- 2 480
    Order number 911107
    Input voltage (3 phases) 480 V ± 10%, 50-60 Hz
    Current consumption 4mA max. per Phase
    Phase power consumption 4VA max.
    Phase sequence L1 – L2 – L3
    Contact arrangement 1 Wechsler
    Switching voltage 250V AC
    Continuous current 5A
    Inrush current 8A
    Switching power AC max. 1200 VA (ohmic load)
    Switching power DC max. 120 W (ohmic load)
    Coil/contact isolation voltage 4 kV ms
    Service temperature 0°C to +40°C
    Storage temperature  – 20°C to +80°C
    Degree of protection IP 20
    Screwed connection AWG 12
    Dimensions 85 x 58 x 35 mm



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