Innovation and safety

The automotive sector keeps on modernizing itself and always offers more business opportunities.
Out of 832 million passenger cars produced over the past 15 years in the world, 81,7 million were assembled in German factories, or around 410 % of total world production.
source : Automobilwoche

The challenge is considerable for our customers, therefore our development and production teams work every day to support them in their achievements.

Our expertise:

We bring our electronic and electrotechnical solutions in the automative sector, where the performance and security standards and requirements are constantly being reviewed upwards. The stakeholders in this area must always look for the best techno-economic solution. Our experience among the biggest contractors assures you a perfect control of the applicable standards and the technical expertise in order to design and manufacture hard and safe equipments that will have to adapt in a challenging industrial environment.

  • Paint
  • Body assembly & Convoying
  • Welding
  • bontronic automobile

    Example of one of our achievements in the automotive sector:

    Ultracompact electrical and pneumatic control unit for electrostatic painting projector

    • IP 65
    • Universal power supply 87 to 270V 50/60 HZ
    • Full custom graphic display with integrated CPU
    • Highly efficient switching convertors
    • SI barriers for applicator connection in ATEX zone
    • Pneumatic bloc built-in solenoid valves + pressure reducer + Push-in type quick action couplings
    • Intelligent piloting of the valves to reduce heat loss within the housing
    • Real-time diagnosis of possible electrical defects on driven units (valves , relays)
    • CAN communication or TOR liaisons
    • Quick connectors
    • Housing made from aluminium profile and injected plastic faces
    • ATEX and F approval

    bontronic automobile

    Example of one of our achievements in the body assembly and convoying:

    Electrical and electronic control of gripping means and production automation.

    • 8-channel module
    • 8 digital inputs
    • Connectable to an operating terminal

    bontronic automobile

    Equipments dedicated to motor control of grippers: 

    •  Safety compliant
    • Central control via SPS or similar equipments

    On behalf of industrial customers

    Design & Manufacturing

    We design and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment dedicated to being integrated into machines


    Presentation of the company

    Bontronic, designer and manufacturer of electrical and electronic equipment, offers more than 30 years of experience.