Assembly of electronic function blocks

We want to offer an adequate solution capable of meeting the time-to-market of each customer.

The world is moving faster and is in a constant regeneration. Success usually depends on the ability of human beingsand enterprises to reinvent themselves and to show ingenuity and responsiveness.

Our ability to combine our experience and our creativity is the success factor of our collaboration with our business partners.

Our goal is to join existing function blocks in our portfolio of technologies and to customize a part of it in order to make a product quickly available at an optimized price and a low cost of development.

Our objective is to help you position quickly on the market by offering your customers semi-customized products that match their immediate demands. Many functions will be integrated into the product allowing to reach a broader spectrum of potential clients.

In a second phase it may be interesting to develop a completely customized product in order to get the right technology on board and therefore ensure very competitive prices.

The initial costs payback is faster due to existing volumes on the market.


Cards, electrotech cabinets...


Once the product is already designed, we take care in particular of the electronic series production and the integration of full products.