The human being at the center of our concerns

bontronic humainThe human being at the center of our concerns

Man is the first energy of our company. Good level of training (65% BAC + 2), Internal promotion is preferred, ongoing inhouse training program.

bontronic resultatResult-oriented culture

We never assume ways to achieve our results. Cost-saving, customer satisfaction and the spirit of cohesion that drive our teams every day are the keys to our success.

bontronic autonomieAutonomy and responsibility

The autonomy and responsibility left to our teams allow us to reduce the circuits of decisions and thus guarantee our flexibility and our reactivity.

bontronic ecouteListening

« Speaking is a need, listen is a talent » Goethe.
Our quality of listening reflects the quality of our relationships, which is why our customers have trusted us for over 20 years.

bontronic disponibiliteAvailability for our customers

Availability is a selection criterion for our customers who regularly need to reposition themselves in their markets and our agile structure allows our teams to always respond present.

bontronic creativiteTechnical creativity

A high technical level and the ability to create innovative solutions combined with our experience lead us to always find the solution to your expectations.

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